Monday, October 06, 2008

Big Draw day 6

Here is my day 6 drawing. Sorry but thats all I have today.


Gemma said...

This is a great challenge. Your lady looks like you a bit! I forgot when I was supposed to send the decorated envelope...will do it tomorrow!!

moiraeknittoo said...

Ohhh I like this one. The combo of her incredibly expressive eyes and mouth really bring the emotion out. Well done!

Naturegirl said...

Hello Kate good expression drawn into these faces!
Belated "Happy Anniversary" to you and your man!!
LOVE LOVE you for posting the
"Wolves need justice" banner on sidebar..this whole idea is so unfair and so cruel...I sure would NOT vote for a women with such a COLD heart into office. She's not going to get in..she did poorly when I watched how she spoke in the last televised debate..all her answers
textbook nothing from her own heart. Yes we Canadians are watching and listening.
She deserves to be shot in the leg and left in the woods herself to suffer!! And that's how I feel about that.

Janet said...

No need to be sorry....she's wonderful!