Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art Play Dates

It seems to be snowing in all the surrounding states but nothing so far in my neck of the woods. Now normally I would be happy it isn't snowing but I am prepared now. I have a fire going, Spaghetti sauce cooking in the crock pot, books around me to read. It would be lovely to see those white flakes falling just to set the mood. My kitties seem to want to cuddle more so I think winter is definetly on its way.

My friend Kate and I have been getting together to make Art and its been fun. She calls me Alpha Kate and herself Beta Kate. Thursday we met at her house and worked in our Art Journals.

I worked on these on these Crow pages first. Last week I started thinking how I could use a crow image I have as a stencil. I ended up getting up in the middle of the night to try it out. The second crow is using the actual picture. Now the next day when I drove to church there were 2 real crows waiting for me at church. They cawed at me and then flew away. There have never been crows in this spot before. I usually see Raven's quite often but these were definetly crows. I have seen some since then and there are always two of them. I am sure they have some message for me.

There was no real message here I just liked the images I had.

I started this page by gluing down some old paper and putting gesso on the page. I then used Portfolio oil pastels. At first I didn't like it at all but now the color is really amazing. I put a layer of gel medium over the top. The photograph really does not capture the color well at all. I was going to draw or collage on top but it was time to clean up and go home for the day.

I had signed up to do this collage with a group but I have failed miserably at doing them on time and so forth. This was my first try at using images that many other people also used.

The interesting experience that I had while working at someone else's house was that I was limited to the items that I had brought me. It really forced me to be creative in a different way. I found myself challenged and had to jump out of the box a bit. I ended up with new ideas that I never would have thought of before. So try limiting your available supplies and see what you end up creating.

Todays drawing is a Tibetan woman but she really didn't turn out the way I planned but I think the Big Draw really is helping me do better faces. Hopefully you won't get tired of seeing them.


Julie said...


I love your crow pages and the blue and orange page. I seem to be noticing crows a lot this fall too - probably because Gemma posted that fall painting and then I took it as my painting of the month.

When I took my visual journaling class the teacher gave us a manila envelope with some things to make a page with. We only could use the stuff from that envelope. Plus glue. It is really amazing what you can end up with when you limit your supplies.

Julie said...

I meant crow painting.

PJ said...

What perfect days. friendship, art, home cooking smells, books...ahhhh-my kind of stuff!

tinker said...

An art date - how fun! And what a cool synchronicity with the crows, Kate. Love the portraits you're doing. Hope you get your longed-for snow!

Sioux said...

Love all your art! I wish I could do faces...the Tibetan woman is very good!