Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 19 the drawing continues

I drew my face today in church, I find it easy to listen well when my hands are creating something and my minister does not mind at all. The people around me are always intrigued by the process too. it does a body good when people really like what you've done and say Oh you are an Artist. I try really had not to not say oh it really doesn't look like the picture I was trying to draw from. I swallow and say Oh thank you. I think that becoming is an Artist is all a process and part of that is owning the title for yourself.

I finished my cat for the swap, I will show it on Halloween, it has to be kept a secret until then. It was fun to do but now I am glad I have all my art commitments done.


I went to a Poetry Slam last night. They are held here twice a year and I always seem to forget about the dates and never get to one. My friend Jeff called to remind me about it. I wish I had taken the camera, but alas I did not so I have no pictures to share. Here is how it works, 5 people from the audience are chosen to be judges. They had a 2 piece band a saxophone player and a drummer who played between poems. The top five get to perform a second poem and then there are 2 prize winners. The age ranged from teenagers to senior and everyone else in between. The poems were funny, serious and tragic. There were several people who were real performers and it was incredible to see them perform. The poetry was great. I really enjoyed.

Check to see if anything like this happens in your town and go to it you will have a great time.


Lynn said...

I love that you can draw in church. We aren't allowed in synogugue because it's considered "work" and we aren't supposed to work on the Sabbath.
I would like to at least knit there, as i too like my hands busy and the feeling of accomplishing more than one thing at a time.
Growing my soul and my heart at the same time or something like that.
Your words about accepting being an artist ring true for me too. I like the idea (of me being an artist) but something inside me is very shy about that acceptance.
Something to work on!

And you woman is another lovely work of art by you, the artist!

Kai said...

Aloha Kate, isn't that interesting , that you draw in church. I sit through the dayton phil. playing mozart or something and my mind gets all it's story ideas... Like drifting. Your portrait looks very curious!! The poem meet sounds like fun..
peace, Kai

sukipoet said...

Teri, also in the big draw, also draws in church. Yes, a good answer to comments that you are an artist.