Tuesday, October 14, 2008

There's a Raven in my studio

Well here we are on day 14, I did my drawing around 3 am when i was wide awake, now I have the day to do other things.

This weekend I thought I need to finish my collage for a black cat swap I am participating in. Look what happened though. This raven flew into my studio and landed. It doesn't look like he wants to leave so now the pressure is on. I have to start over. I need a cat this time now where can a girl find a cat when she needs one.


Lynn said...

The woman is sensual looking with her full lips. I like her a lot.

As for the cat, I will send you mine. I went out to dump some garbage this morning and was greeted by the remains of a bird and a dead rat on my door step.
Henry V was very busy last night and brought his treasures home to share. YUCK!

The crow collage is lovely.

Gemma said...

I want to rave about your awesome Raven!!!It's cool Kate!

Yesterday I went to the PO to mail your envelope and it was closed! Wah! Trying again today!

Elizabeth said...

A very nice raven at that! :-)

sukipoet said...

Your faces keep on getting better and better. Love the collage.