Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Continuing with mail art and drawing

This is from Gemma, and here is the front of the envelope. I think its just beautiful. Inside she include some green chai tea and a note saying the drawings are based on the ballerinas of Rachel Isadora

and this is the back. she also said "My girl danced her way to you. She skidded to a stop @ your doorstep". This is so nice, thank you Gemma.

My latest drawing. I am sorry it is crooked, but you still get the idea.


Lynn said...

What a fun art gift to receive in the snail mail...lovely drawings.

And your woman is lovely too and crooked matters not a bit.

Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
You look Mahavalous!!
and Gemma's envelope must have brightened your day !
PEace, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate!!!
Isn't it great when we get mail!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Gemma is so wonderful. You all are just wonderful!!! Just had to say that. Love your latest drawing!

Gemma said...

Glad you like the ballerina envelope and tea. I keep forgetting to call your sis. Hopefully this weekend.

sukipoet said...

So nice to get snail mail and decorated snail mail at that. Your drawings get better and better.