Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Early Morning Drawing

Day 7 drawn in the early morning with a pilot v6 pen. I was actually sitting up in bed and felt like drawing and all I had was a pen and a small pad. The trouble with ink is once the line is drawn that is it.


I found out yesterday that the people at the National Novel Writing Month gave me my own region. Idaho had been split in two Boise and everyone else. We would get mail about events from all over the state so this will be great now. I am thrilled that we are no longer Idaho: elsewhere. I have a couple new local people who have signed up so far so that is great.

My sister leaves for Phoenix tomorrow so things will get back to normal again. Whatever normal really is I am not sure. I slipped away to write at the villa this morning but we'll have this afternoon to play and so forth.


Lynn said...

I am enjoying seeing all of your "women" you are drawing.
Lovely work. Yes, drawing with pen is challenging and exciting. I did it yesterday too.

Elizabeth said...

Lots of faces, and I like the little birdy on her shoulder. A nice way to start the day indeed!

Julie said...


Perusing your drawings over the last several posts, I have really seen a change in your faces.

They are really looking good!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love it Kate!!! Great job!

Janet said...

You are taking chances!! Drawing in ink is wild....I usually do a pencil sketch and then use ink to define it but you just jumped right in!! And she's lovely! Keep 'em coming!!