Friday, October 17, 2008

Lilttle Gifts of Nature

It was a beautiful fall day today so I made a trip to the Snake River in town. I sat on one of the benches and drew a picture and then wrote in my journal. This little one came to visit and did not want to leave. She sat on the open page in my journal and then I tried to move her and she flew onto my shirt and stayed for the longest time. She had the tiniest wings and their shadow looked so pretty. I was trying to decide what message she was bringing to me today and I thought perhaps it is to appreciate the beauty around you, no matter how small it is.

This is how the river looked today, what a peaceful place it was.

This was today's drawing. I like how she turned out. She was really fun to draw. Maybe it was because I was outdoors enjoying the weather.

I got this new toy today. I had a 50% off coupon so after hearing about it on Sharon's blog and then an email from another blogger, thanks Suze, I decided I would just get it. I got the version with the carrying case and it came with 400 eyelets. I want to do a book like she did here So now I need to get a hold of a big old book to steal the covers. That is my next mission, time to hit the thrift stores.


moiraeknittoo said...

Oh! I think that drawing is one of the best yet! I love the way you captured her hair, and the whole thing is just naturally beautiful. Very well done!

Lynn said...

She has a wonderful look in her eyes like she knows something and feels life in a senusal way.
So well done.

The toy: what will you make with it? Books?

I was visited this morning by the most beautiful hummingbird, with a bright red head and green body. Never seen one like it before. It hovered in front of my window looking in at me as I looked out at it...I am wearing a bright burnt orange shirt so maybe it thought I was a flower. It flew off when I went for my camera.
I like these special visitations.

Anonymous said...

Definitely your best yet!

tinker said...

What a beautiful messenger to inspire your drawing, Kate - she looks lovely.

Olivia said...

Kate, I really love this post, so varied with your artwork, observations and photos. I love that Crop-A-Dile, looked at a YouTube video about how to use one, but I think I want to get one with my 50% off coupon, too, that's a set! Great post! Blessings and love, O