Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Novel Approach

Well the paper is finally out. I am featured in the front page article "A Novel Approach". You can read it here. I have already gotten emails from two people interested in doing Nanowrimo so that is pretty exciting. I had wanted some press coverage for Nanowrimo this year and was happy to be able to arrange it.

I just voted and oh I felt so privileged and proud to vote for Barack Obama. That felt so good. I voted early because I may be off working in Montana for the campaign on election day or perhaps before that.

Here is todays drawing. That makes 16 so far so I guess that we are past the half way point.


craftyhala said...

I sent some mail art yesterday! It should be there soon!

Lynn said...

I saw you on the paper!!!! Bravo. What an exciting writing idea. What a busy month it must be.
I wish I knew about it earlier.
I wonder if I could do this?
One need not have a definite story line, or yes, have one, then change if you need or want to along the way but keep writing?
sounds exciting...all with the goal of reaching 50,000 words or was it 500,000, not must be 50...OY.
Good luck!

I too voted yesterday for Obama! I felt great walking my vote to the post office to mail it. Then I heard on the news this morning that the yellow absentee ballot needed 59 cents not the 42 cents I put on it. OY. But then the newscaster said that the post office was forgiving those that paid only 42 cents to mail it. Uplifted again, my vote WILL COUNT!
then he said the bill will go to the tax payers. OY. that's you and me. We pay anyway. For everyone who did not put 59 cents on their envelopes!
I just hope they all voted for Obama!!!!

I like your latest drawing too!

Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
If I could vote in this country, after watching the debate, seeing Obama at 5/3 field in Dayton.. He'd be my choice. I think he's Mr Dan's too..
Peace, Kai

Gemma said...

I havn't voted yet...but you can bet that I'll be voting for Obama on election day!

Olivia said...

Congratulations on both, Kate! The story is pretty cool :) Very, very nice! xxoo, O