Wednesday, October 29, 2008

600 Posts

This is my 600th post on blogger and my blogiversary is next month on the 17th. I will do something to celebrate all that in December. I have no time right now and November is shot so in December I will come up with a give away of sorts.

I seem to have a full blown cold, with a sore throat and nausea thing going on. Yuck. Right before Nanowrimo too. I hope the worst is over by Saturday. I am spending a lot of time in bed lately. I can still draw though so here is today's drawing.

Comments: thanks to all the wonderful souls who have been commenting on my drawings and so forth. I have not had much time to go do the same for you but I do appreciate your efforts.


Janet said...

I hope you feel better soon. I like this drawing. She looks as if she has a secret and is dreaming about it.

MissKoolAid said...

Congrats on reaching 600!

Get lots of rest and get rid of that pesky cold before Saturday! I can't believe how fast October as flown by!


craftyhala said...

As I look at your drawings, I see people i know. Weird eh?

Olivia said...

Rest up, Kate...congratulations to you! You deserve a restful break and time to gain energy before tackling NaNoWriMo. Peace, O

Anonymous said...

Something about that face reminds me of my daughter...a bit smug perhaps. It's quite nice.
I've got that nasty cold too. Seems its hit the whole city here.

Mary said...

sorry about the yucky cold. we all shared one around here a few weeks ago and you really do have my full sympathy...;-(

i'll be doing the nanowrimo too!