Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

I woke up this morning to see this on the table with a card.

Truffles from Sarah's Candy Cottage. White chocolate, may favorite. There is white chocolate rolled in macadamia nuts, rose and lavender flavored. Yummm. I dropped off a little bouquet of carnations at Dave's office. It was a simple gesture but fun. I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines Day.

I spent some time on the river yesterday feeding these guys. It so fun have an audience that really appreciates you.

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Blue the Spa Girl said...

Look at those chocolates! They remind me of the chocolates (this is weird but...) from the movie Amadeus, when Soliare gives Mozart's wife one out of the box...remember that scene???
Anyhoo, the geese are gorgeous too.
Look at that sky in the photo with the tree, it looks like it could have been painted.
I love it! I am glad you commented on my blog.
I have a tough time getting around everyday but I try...I will bookmark you!