Sunday, February 11, 2007

OOH Excitement

Well the Secret is at work again. I checked bloglines this morning and went to one of my favorite sites Misty Mawn . She is a mixed media and collage artist. I have been really drawn to her work ever since I found it. Several times over the last year I've thought oh I would love to have one of her paintings. I even thought about writing her, finding what she charges and then at least I would know what I am looking at.

Well I fell in love with the a painting she posted today. I found out it was in her Etsy shop and saw that the price was reasonable. Then I looked at her site again and read the entry I almost gasped when I saw her quote for the day. I used that quote when I graduated from high school as the quote listed under my picture in the school yearbook. Now that is what I call a sign. In addition the painting has a crow and a window or doorway. Those are 2 images I have been drawn to for some time. Misty has 4 other pieces for sale and I kept looking at them all but this one had a hold over me. I debated a little as to whether all these things I thought were sign were actually that. I talked to a friend but I had to make the decision myself. I thought about the Secret and how we create things, first the thought, desire and the feeling of what it would be to have the thing, then notice the coincidences and act on them. Well I couldn't let this one slide. So I bought the painting. I am certain that the universe will send me the money to pay for it. I immediate felt euphoric so I know it was the right decision. You can see the painting on her blog the link is above. I felt the same way when I bought the dishes. I knew that it was right and perfect for me. Then I got money to pay for them in a way I hadn't expected. So I know it works.

Quote for the Day: The Goal of Life in Rapture. Art is the way we experience it. Art is the transforming experience. - Joseph Campbell


Kai said...

Thats awesome Kate, I had to read your entry twice to fully absorb the whole experience..
I went to Misty's site and can see why you love her art so much, shes very talented!!
Im glad good things are happeneing to you..
PEace and hugs, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I am so happy for you Kate, you are another testament for me that it really works. I love Misty Mawn's art, I have her link on my blog. I will go check out the painting you bought - I could actually feel your euphoria while reading this post! You deserve all good things my friend.

Anonymous said...

That is great Kate. Sounds like the Secret is working for you also.