Saturday, February 17, 2007

Make Lemonade

I got this print in the mail today. It is by Judy Wise I did not know it would be matted so that is a plus. I bought the first print out of 75. Oh that makes me special right. I am number 1, I am number 1. I am #1 of course I am.....

This is for Pam especially, but also for all of us working on the crow chunky book. The crows were out today. I saw them eating grain on the railroad track and said to my husband oh the crows are here and I made him turn around and of course by the time we get close enough for a picture they fly away. Here you see some in flight and others sitting in a tree.

This one is a little better, all the big birds are the crows, the other ones are blackbirds. I'll keep trying, one of these days I will get a close up.

Answer to some comments;

Charlene asked about the size of my loom. I have a 60" Glimakra but the reed I have for blankets is 50" wide. I use a 6 dent reed, and worsted weight yarns. The color blanket was double weave, I wove it 40" wide, double weave so I had an 80 inch wide blanket when finished. I am going to do the naturally colored one just plain weave 50" wide and I put on a 3.5 yd warp. It will still be a nice size.

Kai asked about my cat her name is Eowyn, aka hot dog, She is named after a Lord of the Rings character. She was a stray, I found her crying on my property, she couldn't eat much. My husband would cut up hot dogs in to tiny pieces and she would gobble them up so she was called hot dog first. She is one of those cuddly cats, she likes to get under the covers and sleep with me, well only for a minute or two but its nice. My other cat Lucky was also a stray and she has always been shy; We found her starving in the ditch by my house, she was wild and so tiny I had to feed her with an eyedropper. She thrived and has lived with us ever since then. She will sit on your lab in the evenings but is not a cuddler at all. Unfortunately the two of them are always fighting.

Gemma asked if when using a spinning wheel do I ever feel connected to women of old. The answer has to be yes. Since I have this Celtic background I have always felt some connection to my ancestors, to those women who had to do these crafts out of necessity. Its a nice feeling.

Now I need to get back to some other art projects. I have so many interests that sometimes it really is hard to do it all. One or two have to dominate while others seem to slide to the back burner. I guess it the way it is. Time to head to my studio, I hope you are all having a great weekend.

Quote of the Day: Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. - Pablo Picasso


Lisa said...

I meant to say this on the other comment. I love this print. I go to her site sometimes but don't remember seeing this one. You ARE special. hehe You're #1!

I need to get my crows going. I keep starting and stopping.

Kai said...

thankyou for telling me about the kitties! I love the quote..and it's fine, because a t#$%#$-something years old, i am still a child at heart..
and yes.. YOU are #1!!!!!
PEace, Kai.

Julie said...

I love it! Not only is it great for just being a lovely picture, but it also reminds you that no matter what life hands you, to make lemonade. Fabulous!

Pam Aries said...

My question is...Can you spin straw into GOLD??? hee hee! Thanks for the CROWS!!!! I am so glad you got the print AND you are #1....!!!!!!!!!!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

That print is fabulous, I so love her work, and OF COURSE you received #1 because you ARE #1.
Love the photos of the crows..I finally found the image I am going to use - it came from a total stranger.(another story)
Can't remember if I shared this with you before...but check this out...wouldn't it be heaven?
I know Kathy and she's a fantastic woman.

tinker said...

Love the print - Lucky number one! I really love her work. Thanks for the crow pics and telling us about your loom/weaving - I just saw your post below on the dish towels, and I so want a chance to win one. :)

giggles said...

Adorable new print, love it too! Congratulations on your 200th post. I know what a feat that is! I am more of a dog person, but any cats I have ever had, came to me the way yours did. Love the tender hotdog story!


Lorraine said...

This is my first attempt on a Google account!

Your 200th blog and the possibility of a towel inspired me because I am a computer MORON but willing to try and learn...

I am also a regular reader of Violette's blog.


Leigh said...

Yay for dishtowels! I like your goal of weaving 1 hour a day. Good idea. Your blankets are lovely. Wish I had the gumption to try to weave one. Happy (upcoming) Birthday!

judie said...

Hey numero uno...lucky you to have it. Love the crow crows too. Pick me, Pick me for your lovely towel! :)