Tuesday, February 27, 2007

They Say its My Birthday

I have to say life in blogland is so rich. I have never received this many birthday greetings in my life. I feel like we are all having this great big virtual birthday party and its been a blast. Thanks to all of you who took the time to wish me well. I sure felt the love.

These are some flowers my friends Kay and Ginger gave me last night. My weekly womens group met at Barnes and Noble last night. I got the flowers and cards and treated to tea and vanilla cheesecake, yummmy.

Last weekend my daughter took me to dinner and bought me a copy of Lady in the Water, so I have been celebrating for days.

Yesterday I got this lovely card from Anna in England, she included a bar of white chocolate which is one of my favorites. I will savor it, having only a piece a day. It so reminds me of my trip to England in 2004. Sarah and I really loved the white chocolate over there, not to mention all the other candy. We stocked up before we got on our plain but alas it ran out too soon. So this was great.

Tonight D took me out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I had the Tour of Italy, Lasagna, Fettuccine Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan. I only ate the Fettucine and took the rest home. For dessert I had white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. It was incredibly good. My gift is a Kitchen Aide mixer in red. D just drew a picture of it in my card. We will get it sometime in the next couple weeks.

Both my sisters called with their Happy Birthday renditions and said there packages will be on their way as soon as they mail them. Thats quite normal for my family.

The Contest

You thought I forgot, huh! I actually wrote about this in the morning but then lost the whole entry. Anyways remember I am giving one of the dishtowel that I showed earlier. The WINNER IS .................JudiRedhead........ It will be a little while before you get the towel since I haven't finished weaving them yet. Judi I will send a note when I am mailing it. Congratulations.

I actually had a very nice day just staying home and puttering around the house. I finished the card for Talia and I will put that in the mail tomorrow. Its back to the crow book. I don't know why I don't just buckle down and finish it. I decided that the back was not copying well so I will hunt down some more of that paper I used tomorrow. Its time I finished this piece and got going on other things I need to do.

Quote of the Day: "What occurs around you and within you reflects your own mind and shows you the dream you are weaving". - Dhyani Ywahoo


mrsnesbitt said...

White chocolate from UK?
Let me know when you want more supplies!

Fellow Glitter girl,Dx

Anna said...

I'm so pleased you had such a wonderful day, Kate! We all had a great time :o)
And let me know when you need more chocolate - that US stuff is just scary!! I send chocolate care packages to friends in the States all the time :o)

Tan said...

Happy birthday from me, too.

Angela said...

Lovely!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would sing it to ya...but it's on the computer. Ohhh an idea!!!

Margene said...

Happy Birthday!!

Terri /Tinker said...

Of course now that the big day has passed, the word verification shows up so I can comment again - anyway - hope you had a great one, Kate!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Dang blogger, I couldn't comment until now. Glad your birthday was a good one sweet Kate. I must be related to your family because guess what isn't in the post yet? I am HOPELESS..things go out in spurts. BUT you will have it next week!