Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Surprise Gift

I recieved this delightful card and ATC from my friend Kai. How do you thank someone who is so wonderful.

This is an ATC that was inside to celebrate my birthday this month. What a delightful gift. Thank you so much Kai.

I have started playing the Secret as just background TV in the room. Sometimes I would just have some mindless tv show on while I knit or surf the net or whatever. I decided the other day I should just play the Secret every day. Sometimes I am sitting watching and other times I am just listening from another room. It seems to energize me and soon or later it will sink in.

Vision Boards

I started doing a vision board for healing my back and that led to thinking I wanted boards for many other things so now I have started 4 other ones. One for relationships, finances, creative projects and travel. It really becomes quite a fun process. For my health vision board I have cut out pictures of women in all sorts of activity and have put my face on their bodies. It is really quite funny but powerful too. I'll post it as soon as I get a picture taken.

This is the one for healing. Doesn't my head look funny on all these great looking bodies.

This is one I've started for travel. I really just have maps and names of places: I think I will look for pictures to replace them so its more visual.

This one is for relationships. I picked pictures of couples in love and then copied words for the things I'd like to have more of in my life. Here I may also remove words and add more images as I find them.

If there is something you are trying to bring into your life you might want to try doing a vision board on it. I used foam core board for my backing but you could use poster board, artist canvas, whatever you can find. If you have no magazine clippings you could get images of the web. Try it out it really is fun and the result can lead to something fantastic. I have already had results from my boards and they are not even finished yet.


Kai said...

lol..Im glad you like the little card... I know your birthday is the 27th, but i just wanted to send you a pre-birthday one, why? because you are a sweet and kind person.
Thankyou for being you!!
Peace, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I agree with Kai, you ARE a sweet and kind person who deserves freedom from pain and all your wishes and powerful thoughts to come true!

miss*R said...

I kind of do vision boards but they are in my journal, like a treasure map. I look at them daily. but you know, even if you create them, close the book and forget about them...most times months later it is manifested..