Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The End of the Blanket

I know you are all probably tired of seeing this blanket so I promise these are the last pictures unless I take a picture with Sarah in it. I may go up to Missoula this weekend to deliver it to her. It depends on the weather if I go or not.

Here is a close up the colors, there are more than 50 colors used in the blanket. You should be able to notice that the blanket looks softer now. Many of you mentioned that you didn't quite understand what we were doing the other day so I will try to explain here. After fabric is woven the cloth needs to be fulled. Its makes the weave structure tighten a little, takes out any oils that my hands put on the wool and opens the fiber a little. It is somewhat like when you buy cotton fabrics you need to wash them first to get the sizing out of the material. I usually full the cloth in the washing machine but this time we did it by hand the old traditional Scottish way. I hope that helps.

I am in the process of making some vision boards for my desires like in the Secret. If they look cool I may post them later. I decided last night I was using the wrong visualization for my back. I had been saying I am free of pain and I am changing that to My back and leg are healthy and feel fantastic. I think that sounds so much better. Thoughts do become things so I am trying to be more conscious of them.

Last week I thought I have not heard from an artist whose blog I had left a comment on. I was really resonating with this painting by Judy Wise I had wanted to know if she was offering the painting as a print. Well I decided to go look at the original entry for some reason and I saw she had replied to my comment. Yes she had the painting as a print. Prints are really inexpensive so I decided to get one. I really liked this image because when I had the ankle and back problems I really felt close to the idea of if God gives you lemons you make lemonade. That is what I found myself doing. Its a great thing to remember, that you can always change your circumstances no matter what they are.

All this acquiring of art lately really relates to my friend Mary Jensen who died a year ago. I remember at her funeral thinking I wished I had bought some of her weaving's. She wove beautiful tapestry rugs. I wished I had a small piece of her creative work. Now it was too late. I think its important to not only admire each others work but to aquire it too. We need to support each other.

Quote of the Day: To express the emotions of life is to live, to express the life of emotions is to make art. - Jane Heap


LisaOceandreamer said...

I do not tire of seeing the blanket - it was made by the hands of an extraordinary woman for her daughter. What a completely joyful gift!

Judy Wise is another I have on my blog links, in fact I emailed her to express how much I loved her work. She replied very kindly. I never thought about getting a print...hmm. You are right, art is to be shared!

I, too, plan to make a visualization board. I am already changing the way I word my thoughts.

Kai said...

thankyou for sharing he process of making a blanket Kate, it's very educational and interesting to see just how much work you do to have a lovely creation like this..
I adore the colours and I think it's beautiful..
Peace, Kai.

Charleen said...

I could never be tired of seeing all those yarns come to life in something useful AND beautiful! I loved seeing you and your friends waulking too.