Monday, February 19, 2007

Finding Water

It is all Terri/Tinker's fault. I knew that Julia Cameron had a new book out but I was thinking I can wait till its out in paperback. I have never managed to make it through the Artists Way or Walking in This world; but here she was talking about a group doing it together now that's a different puppy. I went to the website, joined the group. I started this morning with my morning pages and then went to buy the book. I almost cried at the price; but moved beyond that. I think it will be great doing it with other people. If you are interested check out the Finding Water blog; you can find more info on the book here

I had my womens group over and we watched a taping of last weeks Oprah and talked about the Secret. Then it was on to a discussion on Life after Death by Deepak Chopra, it is quite the interesting book. If you are at all interested in the topic I am sure you'll find it very interesting.

I spent the weekend finishing up my vision boards. I added more pictures to the relationship, financial freedom and travel ones. They look pretty good. I am already seeing some results from doing them so I think that is great. I am ready for more of that. Its time to make those dreams reality.

Quote of the Day: View those tenacious thoughts that just won't go away as intention talking to you, saying "You signed up to express your unique brilliance, so why do you keep ignoring it?"


Kai said...

what a lovely link, thanks Kate.. :) I also got your foot mail..weird!! I like the premisis of the secret, i think if you want something badly, you'll find a way to make things happen.. nothing is impossible!! (like in 7 days...!)
Peace, Kai.

Leah said...

how very cool that you're doing visioning boards! i did a visioning video last month that was really a wonderful experience.

i'm glad you're joining in with finding water!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Who has a birthday coming up? YOU!
Kai sent us, she wants all to know you are one special lady both now, and in 7 days.
I'll be back!
Great quote too.
Deepak is one of my favorite authors, haven't read that one yet though.

Terri /Tinker said...

Um, sorry you had to spend the money - but still I'm glad you joined us!! Woo-hoo! It's always more fun to do these things in a group, I think.

And yes, I heard thru a little Kai bird, that your birthday's in 7 days. Perfect time to do vision boards.
I did everything on one board last year, cramming everything into one - which may be why everything's had to squeeze so hard to get through this past year, I didn't leave the Universe much wiggle-room. I should make some new ones. Thanks for inspiring me!