Thursday, February 08, 2007

They forced me

Well blogger forced me to do it. They wouldn't let me access the old version anymore. So I upgraded to the new version so I hope I do not have any major problems.

Last night LOST was great, I was happy to be back on the island. I ended up making around 75 braids of the fringe on the blanket last night. There are a total of 128 braids that have been made, yikes no wonder my hands are sore.

I mailed all the valentines, Anna I have no clue how long it will take to get to you. The rest of you should get them in a few days.

I spent lunch with my friends Ginger and Kay and we talked about The Secret and how we are using it in our lives. I got some great ideas and then last night I watched the DVD again and am inspired once more. I will use the techniques outlined in the movie like the gratitude list and rock and vision board to work on healing myself and other areas in my life. This is the one single thing that is making a difference for me right now.

I found some great crow embellishments at Ben Franklin(craft store) yesterday. I am ready to get back to working on this crow book. I am also going to tackle a new project I saw it here . Its called the Art Journal Challenge and it lasts all year. Basically you start with a deck of playing cards and do 1 card each week. The prompts for the week are list on the website. I have gotten as far as getting the deck of cards and doing a background for the first one. They are already on week 5 but I think I can catch up. I figure this is a great way for me to be doing art at least once a week. I'll post them when I get several done.

Quote for the day: People who allow themselves to create, who wake each day with songs in their hearts, primed canvasses in their studios, fresh pages in their journals, know that Art is truly about - Joy-Celebration-Beauty-Love-Humor-Real Life.... Danny Gregory


Pam Aries said...

Did you see oprah today..The Secret! I still haven't seen the movie. I am going to BUY it! Wow! Did I win a valentine to! Yee haaaa! Is there another Pam? ha ha! I have won 4 valentines! I am lucky..boy o am I lucky! I am jumping up and down! Thanks...Pam Aries

Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
I watched LOSt last night too..It's good to have 16 weeks of fun and intregue to look forward too.
I watched Oprah and the secret today, it's an awesome concept and I learned a little more from the folks she had as guests..
I love the art card mini challenge, I just covered a deck of cards to do basically the same thing..'s the glitter syncrowknitacity.. lol..
I'll look forward to your art as you post.. Have a wonderful life this weekend,
peace and bunnies and bright blessings..Kai