Monday, April 16, 2007

Sadness in Virginia

I was working out when I saw the totals on CNN keep going up and watched in horror. What an awful thing to have happened today. All I could think of was the Mothers, the worry, the grieving and how life will never be the same. I talked to Sarah twice today. I had to hear her voice, know she was OK, even though she in nowhere near Virgina, she is still on a college campus. When I heard that the college in Virgina sent emails out to warn, I thought I wonder if Sarah checks her email before class. I found out she does but not her University email. She says she would have found out in other ways. Its still scary though.

Please hold all the grieving in Virginia and elsewhere in your hearts tonight and in the coming days.


altermyworld said...

Kate as a grieving mother my heart broke for these familes and as you said "life will never be the same" It is a sad day in history.

Kai said...

i cried. peace, Kai. (post 350)

LisaOceandreamer said...

I, too, felt a sickness and sadness inside...I cannot even fathom the grief these families must endure at a sudden and senseless loss such as this. I can certainly understand why you'd want to talk to Sarah and just hear her voice.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

It is amazing how much the blogging community cares, isn't it?
Almost each site I went to today was full of sadness and prayer.

Lisa said...

I think we all wanted to hold our kids a little closer, didn't we?

Your earrings in the post below are beautiful Kate. You are really multi-talented.

Love and peace to you.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad and Horrible thing to happen! I will be sure to keep all of them in my thoughts and prayers. I don't blame you for feeling frightened by what happened and having to hear her voice. I would too, if anyone that I knew where on a college campus.

Pam Aries said...

Dear Kate...It must be really hard for parents who have kids in college...I know your heart was with your daughter. it is truly an unimaginable act. BTW: I love the post of the horses! How beautiful they are! And the owls! ...AND>> I got the beautiful earrings todaY , I love them T The color is awesome... The Crow card is CROWlicious! it would make a great Crow page! THANK YOU SO MUCH!