Thursday, April 12, 2007


I am disappointed as soon as I finally make that decision to go to that writers spa in Taos this July, I can't go. I discussed it with Dave, I got the money to do it, I have collected some writing to submit and then the thing is filled. I was probably more mad at myself than anything. If I hadn't vacillated on going or not I could have gone. This is one of those times when you wonder. Is this a lesson to act when you get the inclination or is it a case of I am not supposed to go and something else will appear. Its hard to decide which camp to stay in.

I am starting to get used to the idea that my plans for the summer have changed. I did come across another offer that I might pursue. There is a writing coach out there who is having a special rate of 3 sessions for 200.00. Now that is a deal so maybe I will just try working with a coach. The thing is I really don't know much about this person. They write a lovely blog but what kind of coach are they. I guess I need to do a little more research before I go this route. Or maybe its time to look and see what other opportunities are out there that I might pursue. I know that when one door closes another will open. Its just hard to decide which direction to go in.

I am back from all my Dr. appointments to finish this and now I find out that SARK is doing a writers workshop, in June and there are openings. It is in Sonoma. I am not sure I can do that but now I have enough choices to explore, so maybe other doors are opening now. At least I hope so. Now I need to decide just what is it I am hoping to gain from any of these encounters. So a little soul-searching is in order. I think I need the answer to that in order to decide what to do.


Leah said...

i bet the sark workshop would be awesome!! i'm sure whatever works out, it will be lovely. :-)

Kai said...

I think that whatever your soul tells you to will be the right descision for you Kate.. when one door closes..3 more open, isn't the universe great?
Bright blessings and peace, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

You know Kate, I believe that when the fit is right, when it is meant that you are there (wherever THERE is) it will all fall in to place....and it will be exactly what you hoped for!
Love and light,

tinker said...

I bet when the right thing comes along at the right time, you will know it - and jump for it!

My heart just skipped a beat when I read about SARK's workshop...I've got to go take a look at that! Thanks for the heads up, Kate. Hope your neck is feeling better (I just saw that on yesterday's post - I'm running behind again). ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't let a bad experience hold you down.
That 3 sessions for 200.00 sounds great but it's got me wondering...if it's such a good deal, how good of a session will it be? I hope that you research it before jumping in.
Anyhoo, I'll be back to check out your blog again. :) Follow your heart and go for your dreams! ;) Hint, Hint....

Pam Aries said...

Things happen for a reason. you know! This is all coming about to get you in the right Workshop for YOU!

Lisa said...

I'm sending lots of good energy your way for decision making. I know that whatever you do, you showing up will make it an awesome experience.