Sunday, April 22, 2007

New things

After a trip to town to a million places on Saturday I came home with this bird bath for my garden. I really like it. I hope the birds will.

This is the yarn I just finished. Its a 3 ply yarn made from a Blue Faced Leicester roving I died. I was aiming for a finer yarn than I have been able to do. This is a first step. I think the next time I can even do better.

Here is the blanket on the loom. My friend Ginger came over and got hhe loom working for me so I should be able to get it finished now.
I started painting the spare room. The walls are very textured so its going to take at least 2 coats to get thing covered. So it looks like its going to take a lot longer than I expected. I was hoping to get it painted before I leave on Wednesday but that might not happen now; oh well such is life.

Finding Water

I have not checked in for 2 weeks now. I have been doing the work just not managed to record anything about it all here. I have it all recorded in my notebook but just haven't felt inclined to report it here for some reason. I guess that I am getting bored with the process. I don't think that the text has been very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Love that color of handspun, so pretty! I'm very jealous of your weaving, I am in the market for a loom some day but I have to wait a couple of years until we move I think. Half my family lives in Idaho Falls by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a wonderful bird bath, I'm sure that the birdy's will love it as you do. :) The yarn is wonderful as well, never died yarn myself, is it hard?
Kate,Kate,Kate, think of this blog as your online diary girly. Your inspiring just being YOU. :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

I LOVE LOVE that bird bath! Something like that would look lovely under my B&B.
Your yarn and weaving is really beautiful Kate, I am always in awe of the process from sheep's wool to blanket.
As for FW - sometimes I think it seems to put a bit of pressure on those following it - and when the steps aren't followed guilt sets in. Just follow your heart on this one I think Kate and let go of that pressure.

Kai said...

What a gorgeous bird bath Kate. I love the colours, like an ocean. so Im drawn to it.

I agree with Lisa and some processes just have to come when they do, and thats not always when we want or need them. No rules this Ms Kate, just listen to the voice of your soul and follow it.. It's always the right one.
Peace, Kai.