Monday, April 23, 2007

Heroes is back

For all of us fanatics Heroes is back on tonight. Last night I took a peak at the videos over at the Heroes website. Ohh I can't wait till tonight. I already have a few questions answered so its going to be great.

This is a picture of the shawl my sister sent me. The color did not come out well in the picture. The lighter shade is a pale teal and lavender and the dark is a very deep teal. It is very warm and cozy. What a wonderful sister I have.

Its one of those Spring rainy days today. I'll stay in and weave most of the day, but I do have to venture out for my workout at 11:00. Maybe it will let up by then.

Finding Donations

Yesterday I went through 3 plastic totes of fabric looking for what I could donate to my friend Barbara in Salt Lake. She is a girl scout leader and it taking her girls back to Costa Rica this summer. Th fabrics are for a program that helps teen girls. Here is a little of what she told me.

Renacer (“rebirth”) is a residential program for teen girls caught up in the street culture of San Jose. Most have been involved in prostitution, many with drugs, and some with unwanted pregnancies and other consequences of the street. They are all in the program voluntarily (though sometimes with law enforcement “encouragement”) and participate in a variety of educational and counseling programs. In addition to the academic programs, Renacer has a variety of occupational options, including sewing classes. They also can use yarn for crochet and knitting.

When we visited the facility in 2005, my Girl Scouts had a really wonderful experience --- sharing feelings, food, and fun with peers. My girls provided role models as well as international understanding, and the Renacer girls provided insights into teens struggling (and succeeding) to become teens again. This seemed like such a worthy cause.

When I am going to let go of things I like seeing them go to a good cause. I have 2 of those white garbage bags full of fabric along with some yarn and knitting needles to donate. A lot of what I have left are scraps. I should find someway to use them or pass them on to someone else. I can see a future date of going through these tubs again and organizing it all.

Quote of the Day: "I think of life itself, now, as a wonderful play that I've written for myself. ... And so my purpose is to have the most fun playing my part." - Shirley MacLaine


Kai said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH HEROES!!! it's back!! thankyou for telling me, I'd got lost in sorting out the room upstairs and almost forgot..I'll check out the site in a mo..
thankyou!!! Im
Happy monday and peace, oh and you were you're psyhic!!
Peace n hugs, Kai xx00xx

Anonymous said...

I have to admit....I don't watch that much tv. I don't even know what Horoes is about but I like the name!
That shawl from your sister looks wonderful!
Great post!

judie said...

I don't have a whole lot of fabric but I could donate some to these girls if you think it might help. Do they need big pieces like to make clothing, or small stuff? Anything else? Email me an address and more details if you can. Love your shawl. Aren't sisters grand? xoxoxo

Gemma said...

Yes...I have alot of fabric too that I've kept... thinking I'd use someday.Will happily donate some. your bird bath and so will the birds!!!