Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just turn off CNN

I started the day by watching CNN but it made me cry too much. I had to turn it off. The stories remind me so much of 9/11. So much heartache and nothing anyone can do about it. I can't help but think it could have been my daughter.

I was so saddened I had to do some Art, nothing I can share since its a secret project but it felt good to be working on something. Art truly does heal.

I went and tackled the loom, last night I must have adjusted something because all of a sudden I had no shed. I was about ready to put it in a pile for kindling. It was pretty upsetting. This morning I called my friend Amy to come over and help me. I'd get behind and under the loom while I made adjustment to the tie up she would check the shed. We would get one side to work and then the other would disappear. It was a frustrating time. We finally decided we needed to go look at my friend Gingers loom. So we drove to her office got her keys, went to her house and checked out her loom. It turns out that mine is set up differently than hers so there is something major wrong. We came back to my house and fiddled with it enough so I can weave my project. After its done, I will have to do a major overhaul. I don't think the loom was put together right when I bought it. At least the mystery is solved now.

My friend Gari gave me this piece of jewelry for a late birthday present. It looks really pretty on. She also gave me a copy of The Secret in book form, which of course I already have but I am sure the universe will provide the correct person for me to give it to.

Quote of the Day:"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." - Anonymous


Gemma said...

Kate the quote is great...I've heard we can change our past by starting today to live how we want to....then tomorrow it will be our past.

Anonymous said...

Woooo there's a secret? Like on this movie I saw...a girl got a box from her grandma. When she opened the box there was a necklace inside. shaped like a heart. Her grandmother took the heart and put it on the box and twisted it..until it started to play music. It was a secret that only the two of them knew. That kinda secret? Either way that's kewl!!:)

Kai said...

I know how you feel, I spent most of the day out and about rather then wrap my mind around the sadness of VT on every channel..
The necklace is lovely.. :)
Peace, Kai.