Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Musings

This page has evolved over time. First I put masking tape on it and painted it, hated the color and painted it again. The it sat since I still didn't like it. Ripped off most of the tape and painted with black gesso. Decided to collage over it since it was a smooth page anymore. I like it now. So don't give up on pages as they sometimes can have a 2nd or 3rd life or more.

This is what is on my loom. Its going to be a rayon chenille scarf. The yarn was dyed by a friend. Its almost finished so I should be able to show the finished project later in the week. Sometimes the rhythm of weaving is so meditative, I enjoy sending time doing it when everything is in the flow.

We had high winds and a snow storm yesterday and today its all melting with beautiful blue skies. I didn't even have to wear a coat, weather in the spring is always so amazing in its diversity.

I put myself back on a schedule and although I did not follow it totally today it does feel good to be on track again. I am making some goals for all my creative endeavors and it seems like that fact of writing them down somehow sets their life in motion. I have 2 weaving projects to plan, a writing plan and ideas to finish paintings, make journals and enjoy the classes that I will be taking in April. It feels good to have goals for some reason. Usually I balk at that but it seems different now I am not sure why. Perhaps I can see their use and that they are a tool that really does help me. It makes me feel empowered and ready to go.

How about you, Do you find having goals motivates you?


Janet said...

Your new page is FANTASTIC! I love it. And you're right about not giving up on pages. Since Kelly's class I've been painting over a lot of the pages I did last year because I wasn't happy with them.

I like to have goals....even though some times I don't pay much attention to them! But I guess somewhere in the back of my mind they must still be working for me because I usually manage to complete what I intended.

Kim Mailhot said...

I love your page and how it grew to this stage, Kate. That has happened to me many times in my journal too. I sometimes "hate" a page and force myself to walk away from it for awhile, move on to something else. And then the page calls me back and I get fearless and just go crazy, playing until I find a page I "love" in its place. Or sometimes, they never call me back and I just grow to love the ugly too !;-)

Goals and their setting are a major focus in my life right now. For the first time in my life, I have no really goals that make my heart sing. I am looking for new dreams for the first time too - in the past they have always just come to me, I didn't have to seek them out. I have to say, this is not a comfortable place for me to be... Read something in this wonderful new book I am playing with (
about working with intentions rather than goals, panoramas rather than close-ups. Made me think of vision boards, etc as the way for me to start rather than specific goals... Whatever works to bring us closer to being whole, right ?

I hope that setting and working towards your goals brings you closer to where you want to be...

Happy Tuesday !
ox ox

Sheila said...

It seems April will be a busy month for you Kate.
I love the scarf colours, I must come back and see the finished thing.
I'm glad your snow didn't stick around, we have had cool sunny days, but it's improving all the time.

Sharon said...

Kate, I must visit more often. You just get so far ahead of me and stay so busy. I think your page worked out great and maybe just maybe, you were supose to go through all those stages to get there. I'm sure of it.
And I want a stencil burner too!

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
I love the yarn on your loom, it's a gorgeous shade..
The page is groovy, digging the Black and white on colours, you're so creative with them..

I dont have any classes planned for April, I just want to finish my **um** project half
peace, Kai

gemma said...

You are right about reworking pages you don't like. LOVE the changes that morphed into your final work.