Monday, March 09, 2009

Journal pages and a winner

I have been playing catchup with my journal page a day so here are the latest pages. I have been sharing information on what we have been doing but I I can no longer do that since this is from an ongoing class. Although I can not tell what the prompt was, you can still enlarge the piece if you want to look at it.

Birthday giveaway

Well I forgot all about the journal I had planned to give away from my birthday. So without further ado the winner is Gillian of Indigo Blue. I'll be sending off the package as soon as I locate Gillian's address. I think I have it somewhere. Thanks to all who participated.

I am slowly getting used to the huge temporary crown I have. Thankfully its only 2 weeks that I have to wear the thing. Imagine having a wad of gum over your teeth and that's what it feels like. This too shall pass.

I watched a production called the Impressionists. Its a 3 part series I found on Netflix. If you think its hard being an Artist you should see what Monet and Renoir had to go through. It is a very nice production. I found a great desire to paint a landscape after watching it. Check it out, you might find it inspiring.


Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
I like the journal page with the young lady sitting in the wheelbarrow lost in the story.. I can relate :)
peace, kai

gemma said...

Very cool!
I love impressionism. I saw some Monet paintings on a traveling exhibit. Up close it looks like globs of paint but when you stand back 15 feet the most beautiful water lilies are there. I wonder if he ran back and forth to paint like that?

Julie said...

I recommend you read the novel, "The Luncheon of the Boating Party". It tells of all the trobules Renoir had to go through to get that painting done. It is fabulous. It also is a good portrait of Bohemian Monmartre in Renoir's day.

tinker said...

Oops! Did I miss your birthday? I'm so behind...Hope it was wonderful, Kate!