Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Apprentice

As you can see I don't mean the Donald Trump reality show. Its Somerset Studios new special issue magazine. Yes its fantastic, yes you want it I know you do. I found mine at Barnes and Noble. It has some things I thought were too basic but others I want to try right away. Sharon has a great article in it. One thing I have never managed sucessfully is doing transfers and their are several artists in the magazine doing them. So its time to try again.

My friend Kate and I were paying hooky from our writing date at the Villa. It was too nice outside to be in a dark cafe. It must have been 50 degrees with the sun shining and the bluest of skies. We planned to go to lunch instead but stopped to see if B&N had the magazine yet. It was funny to see both of us reading our copies while we waited to get a table at Johnny Carinos. It was a fun day enjoying the weather. We ended up at the Art museum seeing a display of prints done from copper plate etchings. Quite a process that was. It was a great day.

Tomorrow I am having major dental work done so I don't know if I will be blogging for a few days. I am having 6 crowns done and have no idea about how long the recovery time will be. I imagine I'll be sleeping a lot in the next few days.


Zorana said...

I'll be thinking about you... I hope everything goes well and that your recovery will be an easy one. Keep us updated when you can. xo

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate..
you get a kudos medal for the dentist thing. I'll be thinking of you.
Sorry for not being about, still have sniffles.
peace, Kai xx

Julie said...

Hi, Kate,

I love all Somerset magazines but they put out so many I have had to carefully pick and choose. But this one sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

Glad you are having some nice weather.

morganna said...

Good luck with your dental work. I just had some good news from my dentist, so I'll send my good dentist vibes your way. Elizabeth