Thursday, April 02, 2009

Using Precious Supplies

I am continuing with the journaling every day. I was struck by this image, the ladies appear to be having so much fun. I wish it were warm enough to sit in my hammock but alas it is snowing again.

This one is started in my new journal that I made last week. I really am ready for a road trip. I went to Sedona this time last year and sure wish I could go back. It was a lovely trip. I met wonderful bloggers and the scenery is so fantastic. Wat a trip that was.

I am weaving on my scarf today and starting to think about my next project. In the past five years I have had several weaving and spinning friends die and as their fibers are passed on to me I think how sad it is that they never got around to using something they bought and loved. We never know how long we have in this life and I decided at that point that I was the one who is going to use my stash.

I was looking at this yarn the other day remembering how excited I was when I bought it. That was over ten years ago and I haven't used it yet because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it. The yarn was so expensive that I didn't want to ruin it. I could use all the colors and make fabric, do a series of scarves, towels or a vest. I could weave it in plain weave or a twill or a lace weave. There are lots of decisions to make. I plan to go through old weaving magazines for ideas and then just choose something. So it will be my next project.

Is there something in your collection that you've been afraid to use, like the fabric that is so exquisite you are afraid to cut it, or the journal with the handmade paper in it, or the expensive yarn you bought on vacation. Pull it out and work with it, enjoy it and have fun with it.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Kate,

I don't think I have a stash of things I don't use really. I am kind of a "eat dessert first" person in most aspects of my life. I would love to be even more so ! Working on facing fears that keep me from being a truly "live for today" kind of person is what I am focused on right now.

Please let me know what you think of the Sheri Gaynor book ! I am so loving it !

Happy weaving !

Paula said...

The thread colors are just lovely.

I found you via the Stencilry Class. Looks like we're both signed up.

Max said...

That's funny. My mom actually has expensive yarn she bought on vacation that she hasn't used...small world.

Anonymous said...

Lunatic Fringe - That's where I bought my color gamp yarn. I have 3 sets of those cones in your picture. I have to get my loom put back together before I can put my gamp on the loom. I am excited to see what you end up with. Love your sister Peggy

Janet said...

Your pages are great! I've been doing pages too but haven't put them on my blog yet.

LOVE the colors of that thread!

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

love the JOY collage...women soaring!

gypsy said...

Well said. We tend to treasure certain art materials but miss the enjoyment and experience of using them to create something. Go for it!