Thursday, March 05, 2009

My camera died

Lots going on today. The kitten my little nemesis did a number today so she is in the dog house. In trying to get her off my table she pulled down my Lumix Panasonic camera. It hit the concrete floor with a bang and now its toast. I turn it on and it says please turn the camera off and then on. I reseated the battery and memory card but nothing works so I guess the camera is a loss. I really liked that camera too, it fit in my purse so easily. Well at least I have my Canon so I can still take photographs.

I have been trying to finish a few things before I have to do the dental thing. Here are more journal pages from Kelly's class. I was hoping to get 3 done but I am stuck on the third one so it will have to wait. This one we are to write about the last gift I received. I recently got a pendant that my sister had made and sent me so I journaled about that. I loved the image of this woman and the tree was so compelling to me.

Here we are to talk about faith and whatever that means to us. Once a gain the haunting look of the woman in the picture called to me. I see her walking out of that mist to some unknown destiny. These pages a fun but challenging. The painting part is easy it is the collage part I have difficulty with but I am staring to feel better about my choices. I like both of these pages.


Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
sorry about your camera..I hope it can come back to life somehow..
I like the idea of faith, like holding invisible in your hand and letting the rest of you feel it..
the pages have such pretty colours..
peace, kai

Zorana said...

Look how good those pages are! Really good! No wonder you like them. I was lucky to attend Kelly's class couple of years ago. I enjoyed it very much. Sorry about your camera...

Shopgirl said...

I am sorry about your camera, it is hard when you really enjoy something. Love your pages, I can't keep up with you.
Glad all was well at the denist,
Hugs, Mary