Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I learned a few things this week

I drew this on Sunday, I forgot I had not posted it yet;

Some more journal pages to post.

I really liked this image of this planet, the colors in it are so beautiful.

I have learned some things this week that I should have known. When you get those clear stamps you only have to buy one acrylic block. I bought one and some of Tim Holtz's clear stamps and I really like them. What a great idea this is. The block has a grid on it so you can really see where you are stamping.

White gel pens, most of you know that the white gel pen Uniball Signo is the one to get. I was given one at the retreat I went to a couple years ago and then I ordered some from . Now the ones I ordered looked different and they don't work as well but I could never figure out why. Little did I know there are 2 white gel pens made by Uniball, they both say uniball signo on them but they are different one is called the angelic and the other the broad. The broad is the one you want, so now if you ever order from them you now know which one to get. Here is the link

The other thing is to not schedule too many medical appointments in the same month. I think I am starting to get overwhelmed about it all. Tomorrow I will get my permanent crowns and that will be great at least the dental stuff will be over with. I also have to discuss my insulin resistance test with my doctor tomorrow. Since I have to have an appointment for this something tells me the news will not be good. Next week I have a mammogram and ultrasound. I am so looking forward to this all being over with. Once again I remembered that Art heals so I worked on journal pages today. There is something about paint and paper and pen that is calming.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Kate,

Loving the journal pages - great planet image !

I would be very overwhelmed with that many appointments too. I have such a horrible tendancy to focus so much on the bad what-if's that it drives me nuts sometimes ! As you said, thank God for good, healthy outlets like art journals !

I will send good vibes for you that your outcomes are good and that you make it through unbruised to the other side :-).
Take good care !

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
Love the pages,especially the planet and space..near and dear to my heart!!
I would love to have a doctor to go to..please don't ever take for, well..never think it's bad to have medical care..I love to have that problem of too many
peace and good health, kai

Olivia said...


I too love your journal pages.

I sometimes think of medical appts that way, but someone reminded me it is good self-care. Just good self-care. And wow, kai has a good perspective too---it is a privilege to have the resources to pursue this self-care. This helped me a lot. It is a blessing. It seems annoying, but in truth it is a blessing.

I hope that all ends up working out okay for you, Love, O

Zorana said...

Thank you for writing about the white gel pens. Now I know why I'm not so much in love with mine as everyone else seems to be... it's not the right one! Love that you are creating so many journal pages! I'll try and follow your lead...