Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Next 90 Days

I was on twitter this morning and my friend Jen Louden posted this link to a blog called A box of Crayons. I really liked what the author said. Its about looking at how the first 90 days of the year have gone and start thinking about the next 90.

At first thought I really don't think they first 90 have been all that great. If I don't take control and make some changes my next 90 could be more of the same. I think I would like to make the next 90 days extraordinary. How about you.

Here is a drawing I did while at the Doctors office yesterday. I like her eyes, they are a little different than I usually do.

My friend Kate and I are going to have an Art Date today. We'll play in the studio with paint and paper. I am not sure what we'll do but I think it will be fun. I need to start making my matchbox shrines for a swap and then Karen at Art in the Garage has a great tutorial on backgrounds that you make into ATC's. I might try that, I think I have a cereal box that is almost empty.


Janet said...

I like the eyes, too. Your drawings are always good.

As for the next 90 days....I just hope I'm making lots more art and experimenting a little more. I still haven't broken out of my box yet!

tinker said...

I love the expressive, wistful look of her eyes.