Friday, March 20, 2009

Making Journals

Today I have been playing with my bind it all tool. Its the tool that binds books. First I made the small book and then went on to make a full size journal. I had a 11 x 15 140lb cold press watercolor pad and I folded the sheets in half and cut the holes in the edge. Then I used the hard back of the pad to make the covers. I will probably decorate them and use this for my next Art journal.

March 23rd journal page from my class with Kelly Kilmer.

March 22nd journal page.

I found out on Friday that I have diabetes so the wellness plan I have been planning on going on is of primary importance now. I also went to have my crowns put in and one of them was defective so I had to have another temporary one put in. I have to wait another week for the lab to make a new one. Then I found out that my friend Annette who has been struggling with cancer had died on Monday. The funeral was today and it was a sad time. She was so full of life and truly lived out loud, I am going to miss her.


MissKoolAid said...

I haven't used my Bind-it-all in almost a year. But I love it nonetheless.

Love your journal pages. Particularly the purple and green one.

Sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Healing thoughts going out to you and her family.

And as for diabetes... I hope it will only make you a stronger healthy person. It certainly shouldn't stop you from living artfully.


Lorraine said...

love your journal pages..I am sorry to hear about your friend and that you have diabetes..sending you positive vibes

tinker said...

Your journals and journal pages are so cool, Kate.
I'm so sorry about your friend, and all the other things you're going through right now. Sending you lots of loving, positive thoughts. ((Hugs))

(K has that too, and that's part of why we eat so many veggies - making beans right now -- kidney beans are esp. good - so are yams, sweet potatoes, and cinnamon...if you find out about any other good foods let me know too, 'kay? I hope all goes well for you, my friend)

morganna said...

So sorry about your friend. Hope things start looking up for you soon.

Zorana said...

I'm very sorry about your friend. It must be difficult for you... Diabetes doesn't have to be scary, although it's not pleasant to hear that. I know that your wellness plan will help immensely. xoxoxoxo

Kim Mailhot said...

Oh Kate, I am so sorry about your friend. Losing people around us does have such a huge impact on our own well being and our understanding what life is all about. It sounds like life is putting you in a place where you will need to make new changes to stay well. Change often doesn't come easy, does it ? It is wonderful that you have made a plan to help yourself and that you are using all the tools available to you, including wonderful art making.I hope you receive the support and love you need to help you get through too.
Sending blessings and keeping you in my prayers.
hugs !