Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Secret #8 Partnerships

This week's secret is Selecting Empowering Partnerships & Alliances. In some ways I did not really connect with the premise of the chapter. I have never felt inclined to be in partnership with another. Too much of an individualist I guess. As I started to read what other bloggers wrote about this challenge I changed my mind a little bit. I think of it now in terms of it takes a village to raise a child. Perhaps it take a village to raise an Artist too.

I am discovering I have some alliances that I didn't think about. In some ways any Artist who publishes in a magazine how they work or gives details on a process in a blog is in alliance with me. As a self taught artist that is how I learn and grow. So I thank all of you for being in partnership with me. The way I give back to them is by commenting and supporting them when I can.

Another partnership is my friend Kate who supports my artistic journey by her guidance and opinion. We sometimes learn new things together and that is so fun to have someone else to do that with.

I don't have a personal coach but I do frequent coaches blogs and I gain help and insight by what they talk about. They help me grow in ways I wouldn't have done alone. I was going to list some favorites but started to realized there are so many gifted women out there offering support it would make this post too long.

I also think that my writers group is a big alliance for me. Without that structure and association with these gifted writers I may have given up that dream long ago.

I think the one thing this chapter has done for me is to look at this idea of alliances and partnerships in a different way. I also now see how having them is essential to my growth and success as a creative person. I also hope that I am offering the same thing to someone else.


Julie said...

I am doing a writing project with a partner right now and it is going great. But being a team member, ish. And just about every place you work requires you to be part of a team. There is no "I" in team, they say. But there is "me". I am too much of an individual too.

Jamie said...

I love the concept of it taking a village to raise an artist. What a powerful idea. I think perhaps that the blogosphere serves as a village that way - supporting the growth and expression of so many creative spirits.

Thanks for shifting my perspective too!