Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YES Paste to the rescue

Here are a couple journal pages.

March 10

March 11 journal page.

I have started to use YES paste to glue collage papers and so forth. Its pricey but it does a great job. Michaels sells it, so wait for a coupon to get some. Every time I use gel medium or a glue stick I find myself going back and re-gluing some of the pieces. With the YES paste it works the first time. I just spread it on with my finger and it works great.

I spent part of the day working on a painting. Its will be awhile before I can show it. I made some good progress today so that felt pretty good.

In the morning I am having an insulin resistance test done. I don't get to eat until 11 am. It will be hard but I will reward myself with a nice breakfast at Perkins.


Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Kate,
Nice job with these pages !I especially love the first one - the background is a beautiful blend of blues ! I actually just used that same image of mom and babe sleeping (From a old Oprah Mag I think !) in a "dream" page I did in my journal last week ! Small world !

I agree about "Yes" ! It works great - it was recommended to me by a book maker as it glues so well but leaves not air bubbles or wrinkled papers.

Happy creating on this Hump Day !

Anonymous said...

Nice journal pages! I like the combination of images with writing in the background!

Julie said...

These pages are great, especially the first one.

I have heard of YES glue before. Now that I know that H.L. sells it I will have to check it out - with coupon.

Janet said...

Yes paste is good. I have some but don't always use it because it's so hard to apply. But I agree with you that it works really great.

Love these pages!!

tinker said...

Oh no, another product to add to my wishlist...or I guess I mean, Oh Yes! ;-)