Wednesday, March 11, 2009

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women #9

Secret #9 Transcending rejection and roadblocks. At first I really did not resonate with this chapter at all. I feel like the newbie who is still discovering what kind of Art she wants to make or what kind of stories to write. I haven't put myself out there yet. I have an etsy shop but I have never put anything in it. I don't think I am at the point where anyone would want to purchase what I have done. I think I am still in the learning stage. I post what I do on my blog so I do open myself up there. People are always nice; I never get any negative comments.

I think the rejection thing won't happen for me until I try to publish something, or offer work for sale and so forth. Any roadblocks that I encounter are ones that I put in front of myself. Whenever I am doubting myself or my abilities I always like to remember Brenda Euland's quote. "Everyone is talented, original and has something important to say."

When I wonder if I should still write or make Art, I try to not do it and it becomes impossible. I get antsy if I am out and don't have a pen and notebook with me. If I haven't done a journal page or worked on a painting or tried a new technique I become depressed. It is like these actions are part of me, the same as breathing. I will always be a writer and an Artist because that is what I do.


Arty Em said...

I have found the journaling keeps me sane.
at first, I wondered why I spent so much time on this practice, then I slowly realized it was my calling.
Maybe you are discovering this, too!
best of luck!

Jamie Ridler said...

What a beautiful rejection-free zone!
And it sounds like you have great strategies for combating the self-made roadblocks. I love the Brenda Euland quote.

I get antsy too when I'm not expressing my creativity. In fact, um, I get, well, a little bit bitchy. Creativity seems to be necessary for my well-being (not to mention for the well-being of my relationships, hehe)

Lorraine said...

I also get in a big nark if I havent done anything creative that day..even if its just a tiny twinchie I need to do something. So many people say how do you find the time? but I dont waste my time watching tv I prefer to create something or blog surf!! I think the secret is to create for yourself and not worry if others like it or not..its all about personal happiness I think