Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trying out the Background Tutorial

I know 3 posts in a day but what can I say. My friend Kate canceled our art date so whats a girl to do. i decided to play on my own. First I finished these 2 journal pages.

Then I tried doing the background tutorial from Karen site that I mentioned earlier today. I didn't like the color green I ended up but I still think I can do something with these by adding other collage items. It was really fun and easy to do. The one thing I learned even if what you think you did is crappy you'll be surprised once you cut it all up into the ATC size.

These 2 I added words to. I added varnish to the first but I think it looks better without. I also used a gold pen to spice up the edges a little.


Janet said...

I like your journal pages. I'm a little bit behind 'cause I worked at organizing my studio again today!

Thanks for the link to that tutorial. I'm going to try it. Your ATCs look really pretty. I like that green color.

gemma said...

Will look back through your blog because I didn't see a background tutorial. I do love yours and love your journal page where you want to visit with your Mom...
I wish I could do that too.

Dan n Kai said...

Those are groovy! you're so artsy.
peace, Kai

tinker said...

Love the colors and imagery, Kate. Very serene.