Friday, September 29, 2006

There be Sheep Here

Nancy commented that she wanted to see my sheep. I only have 5 left. 4 ewes and a wether.


Emily and Gabrielle. Emily is a musket and her fleece spins up to a nice oatmeal color. Gabrielle is white and fine, she makes a beautiful lace weight yarn.


Titan is white just like his mom Gabrielle. His is the fleece everyone covets.


Here is Juno, she is all black and has kept a black fleece every year.


Athena is a moorit and has the most wonderful brown fleece. Yarn from her fleece comes out a nice heathered brown.

About Yurts

Sara asked about the Yurt and if its use was year round. The sad news to report is that the yurt inploded. My friend Kathy made the frame herself and I guess it had some problems and now has to be repaired. To get a piece of felt that big she had Zielingers woolen mill in Michigan card her wool into big quilt bats and she felted the big piece in her driveway. If you are interested in seeing more the current issue of Spin Off magazine has an article an picture on traditioinal yurts. You can find it at Barnes and Noble. Posted by Picasa

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