Sunday, September 10, 2006

It looks innocent enough

Yes its a simple bathtub, well not so simple when you add me to the mix. Its at Janet's house where I stayed while I was at Great Basin. After thinking about it this really is a Yarn Harlot moment, It sounds more like what happens to her on her trips. Anyway I digress, you know that I am having these back problems so a soak in a nice big tub was inviting after a long day teaching. I had used the tub Friday night but did not know how the Jacuzzi worked. Janet said she would show me. You had to fill the tub so high and then push this button. Well I thought that will be easy. She had asked me if I would like bubble bath or bath salts. I told her I didn't care and she brought me some bubble bath. Now if you have never been in one of these tubs, the take a lot of water.

So here I am in the tub and I the water is maybe 12" high and I put bubble bath in and as the water fills up I am getting quite a nice amount of bubbles. I am starting to feel like a movie star or a singer in a video. With this many bubbles even my body looks good. Then the tub was full enough to turn on the Jacuzzi. Although it frothed all this wonderful hot sudsy water all over my tired muscles it also turned into a bubble factory. I looked about me in horror as the bubble multiplied exponentially. Off went the Jacuzzi immediately. All I could think oh I am someone else's house, I am going to ruin the floor or whatever. I try pushing the bubbles down nothing happens. They are not breaking up at all, they are about to froth over the sides of the tub. I thought what is this industrial bubble bath!

I get out of the tub and at this point I am covered head to toe in bubbles. I looked like the Michelin Man. Luckily Janet had a separate shower in the room so I went in there and took a shower while the tub drained. After I was all clean and de-bubbled I look in the tub and discover the water has drained but there is still 3/4 of the tub filled with bubbles. Ackkkk now what do I do. I added some cold water to the tub and once again tried to pop those bubbles. It hardly helped at all. I didn't want to fill the tub again as these tubs are big and I didn't want to use all of her water. Finally I resigned myself to having to explain to her in the morning. Of course by morning all the bubbles were gone and all I have left is this simple story.


margene said...

And perhaps a bathtub ring? Too funny. It was nice to see you again on Friday!

Lisa said...

You gave me a good giggle this morning!!

flwrhead said...

I had the exact. same. experience. Except I was sharing the jacuzzi with my then-boyfriend, who gallantly got out of the tub and transferred many armloads of bubbles from the tub to the sink! It was hilarious!