Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is the Universe Trying to tell me something

After my weekend in Salt Lake listening to the Yarn Harlot and increasing my stash I felt a great desire to find more knitting time. So I started working on the Mega Boots stretch sock. So I started taking it everywhere. I found I could knit in church and it was acceptable. So I take it with me to Johnny Carinos for lunch and when I get home I only have 3 needles...crap. So I take a needle from another project and keep going. Now last night I had the sock in my bag while at a friends house. During the evening she catches her little dog pulling my knitting out of the bag. I see no problem as it gets put away. Well it turn out when I get home and want to knit I find the sock has only 2 needles now. I imagine she'll find pieces of two knitting needles in her house today. Now I think perhaps I need to start knitting on 2 circulars instead. So I know I have 2 size 1's but do you think I can find them....not...Grrr this is so frustrating. I finally did find a couple more size 1 double points so I at least I can knit on the sock again. I am wondering how long it will be before I can't find one of them either. Why can't knitting be this smooth kind gentle SPORT....... Sorry to be so whiny but some days are like that.

I went back to physical therapy yesterday and they had me doing lots of different things, I had my ultrasound and a back massage so I felt good yesterday. I am just trying to manage the pain until Friday when I get a pain shot that is going to make me feel so much better.

The spinning girls meet today at my friend Debbie's house. Its too cold to do it outside anymore. Here's to a relaxing afternoon.


Sara said...

Yurt pictures, as you requested: http://saralamb.blogspot.com

judie said...

Oh Geesh. I sure am glad I don't lose my paint brushes! Fun story. Hope your pain is better. Lots better!

Lisa said...

Glad the therapy and massage made your back feel better. Who knew the challenging part of knitting was keeping up with the needles? lol