Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Map

I have just added a Frappr map to my sidebar. Click on add and let me know where you are reading from.

This cold I have is just dragging me down. I feel like my head is the size of Mt Rushmore.

The latest on the Stones concert in Missoula is that Sarah has a seat in the 3rd row. I told her she's so close she'll get Mick Jaggers spit on her. It turns out her friend who had the ticket has a mom who works for the promoters. That is how she got such a good seat. Margene I would love to go but tickets were sold out long before we ever heard about the concert.

I took about 3 rows out of the shawl, now I need to sit down with it and decide what row I am really on and so forth. I hope I don't have to take any more out. I am willing to do what it takes to conquer this lace thing. Everytime I read someones blog there is another lace shawl out there that I would love to have. This sorta reminds me of learning to spin cotton. I struggled with it for years but now I love to spin it and its easy for me. I think lace knitting is following the same pattern and we will be friends soon.

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margene said...

Yes, but there are always tickets at the door..of course, you may need to sell your arm and leg to get one. Lace does get easier the more you knit it and the rewards are wonderful.