Friday, September 22, 2006

Playing with collage

I have 2 swaps I am involved in and they are just about due so it was time to get busy on them. The first was an ATC swap of my favorite movie, or in my case movies... Here are my renditions. Are you surprised, of course its the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.




Then that afternoon I starting missing my mom. She died 7 years ago. I got the desire to make a proper cup of tea and then create this journal page about having tea with her. I even pulled out my English teapot and drank from a cup and saucer instead of a mug. My Irish mother always made me prime the pot. What this means is that you would boil water and fill the pot and then empty it. Then you begin again with more hot water and tea. We would try and read tea leaves too. It was always a fun time I shared with her. That has been passed down to my daughter. She really learned to love tea when we were in England and Scotland 2 years ago. We now love to have tea together.

I recently purchased some rub ons which I have never used before and they worked great. Basically letters are on this sheet and you take a wood craft stick similar to a popsicle stick and rub over the letter and it transfers to your paper. I did the word Mother with them. I also tried some new alphabet stamps that I really like. I can see that I will want more sets of these. Lettering is always a problem for me so these new tools make it easy. I used pastels in the background and they act so different on textured paper. I need to find something else that will work in this journal.

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