Wednesday, September 20, 2006

There is something special about Yurts

Over on Violette's message board we have been talking about yurts since violette went to stay in one. I offered to show my old yurt pics so here they are. This Yurt is at Harriman State Park. They have 2 that you can rent.


This is the view of the yurt from outside of course, you can see all our ski's propped up outside


Here is an inside view, you can see the beds, woodstove, table and more. There is another set of beds on the other side.


Here is a view of the ceiling skylight. That window can be opened.


Here is my sis Marianne when she discovered she brought her hair dryer to a place with no electricity... silly girl we all thought that was funny. Behind here you can see where we set up a coleman stove to cook.

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