Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spindle Pics

Since blogger would not let me post pictures I just started a new entry. You have to figure a way to outsmart the system sometimes.


Here is the Spindle and the Optim Merino


I did some plying Monday night first there is some Merino/Bombyx silk I dyed, spun and plied into a navajo 3 ply yarn. I will add it to some other silk I have spun for a weaving project.


Now a skein of Alpaca/Merino/Silk that I dyed spun and plied into a Navajo 3 ply. It really feels wonderfully soft. I haven't a clue what it will be used for. Maybe I will throw it in a mixed warp. Posted by Picasa

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judie said...

You know Kate. I don't spin or weave or even sew, but when you post pictures of your equipment and the work you do, the colors are overwhelmingly beautiful!