Saturday, September 23, 2006

A little bit of weaving

I tried to weave a little the other day. With my back I was a little afraid to try but it was fine. I managed to do a couple inches and I like it. These will be vibrant towels for sure.


I had the shot in my back yesterday and I really can't tell yet if it worked or not. Getting the shot was pretty painful so I am not fired up about getting another one. Last night I started having the strong pain in my calf and leg and it took everything I had to not cry a buket of tears over it. I decided to try and just wait it out. I feel better this morning but am still not 100%. Dave thinks I need to just let time pass and I may find I am ok. I really don't know if these shots are supposed to totally eliminate the pain or just dull it some so that you can function, time will tell. I go back to PT on monday so I will talk to them about it.

Its a beautiful day today. We've had rotten weather the last few days. I am ready for Indian summer. It is supposed to be nice all next week. Posted by Picasa


Lisa said...

I'm sorry the pain isn't going away. I think it takes the shot a bit sometimes. I hope it kicks in and takes all the pain away very soon.

Shelley said...

Just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading through! Hope you're feeling better. I'm in McCall, my blog is

Marilyn said...

Very beautiful - I wouldn't know the first thing about spinning or weaving. I cruised your blog and it was very enjoyable. Hope you are feeling better.