Monday, October 02, 2006

Its all about the Beauty

The short jaunt I took to Jackson and the park was great. After spending the day there all I could think was how incredibly beautiful it was. I have been here so many times and I do appreciate it each time but there was just something special about it this time. The weather was beautiful, the air a little crisp and oh the Mountains look gorgeous. The pictures do not do it justince

Here is a view of Mt Moran from the Jackson Lake Dam. That spot of snow is the glacier that never melts. I think this view is my favorite.

This view brings in the Grand and all the rest of the Catehdral Group.

Here is another view from the lake.

I started my day early and drove to Driggs to see the yarn shop they now have there. Its called Mt. Knits and is great. She specializes in hand painted and variegated yarns. She has koigu, lornas laces, Mt. Colors, rowan, Noro and more. I went home with some crack cocaine otherwise known as Rowans Kidsilk Haze in this shade of luminous orange. I found 2 cones of naturespun, one black and 1 royal blue. I got for a deal at $4 a cone, I will weave scarves with it.

Then I headed over the dreaded pass, my least favorite road in the world to drive. Jackson was crowded as usual, so I headed to the Park. I drove up to Signal Mountain looking for a picnic area but I did not like the ones I saw. After taking some great pics from the Jackson Lake Dam I headed over to String Lake. I had lunch there and dug out all my art supplies. Yes I brought way too many but that was ok. I made a visual journal page on the empty nest and did a few background sheets
trying pastels, twinkling h2o's painstitcks, watercolot pencils and more. It was fun seeing which worked best on the different papers. I need to remember pastels are a waste on watercolor paper, but other things worked great. I decided that I like some of the lower weight watercolor papers to do these pages. Cardstock just can't take any water without buckling.

Next I went over to Jenny Lake and sat on the overlook and watched the tourists and enjoyed the view. It is just so beautiful here. I love the park in the fall. There are fewer people and it is so much nice. I think next time I will throw in some camping gear and just spend the night. I came home relaxed and renewed. Posted by Picasa


margene said...

The Tetons are one of my favorite places on earth! Jenny Lake is so peaceful. how wonderful you could just 'run over' there;-)

Kai said...

That's absolutely stunning.. :) Thanks for sharing your day..
PEace, Kai