Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to some Fiber content


There has not been a lot of fiber content lately, so here is a pic of whats on my spinning wheel. I call it Gotland dregs. Basically it was what left from some Gotland fleeces that I spun for my cloak yarn. I recarded it and then spun it. Its has more noils than the wonderful combed fiber I was using so it is not as fun to spin. It will probably be thrown into a blanket someday.


Here is the sock that I keep losing needles for. I decided to buy some 16" circulars and try that method and I also ordered one of these double point needle holders. The yarn harlot mentioned them on her blog awhile ago. I saw less expensive alternatives but the way I jam knitting into my purse I figure this was the best solution for me. The sock is almost finished so I hope there are no more needle casualities.
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Pam Aries said...

O My Gosh...THat Yurt was incredible! I think it is awesome that you all made it! I am fascinated! In total AWE! Actually I am in awe of all that wool gathering and spinning and real sheep and living in such a cool environment and ..and...and..Can I move to your house ????ha! We can make a yurt for me and the pets! hee hee