Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breaking Rule No. 1

Rule No.1 is don't put soething on the stove, turn up the heat and go read your email. This time it was olive oil and onions, what an awful smell that is when that it is burnt. Someday I hope to remember rule no 1. Poor sarah had so many breakfast that had to be cooked again when I went off to do something else.

I cooked beans in the crockpot over night so now I am making some refried beans that I will poackage and then throw in the freezer. I started making my own frefried beans foir mexican cooking since commerciall ones have way too much salt for me, Now I definetly like the taste so much better.

I also have a pot of salsa going, this is the first time in several years we have had enough tomatoes to make any. I am looking forward to having good salsa again. Then I have got to get to the peaches I bought in Utah before I eat them all. I guess its harvest time. Dave has been making stuffed peppers all week. Soon the freezer will be full. I guess fall is around the corner. Its still in the 80's everyday so it doesn't feel like fall at all.

I have this desire to get back to my knitting. I have a mistake in the Leaf Lace shawl. So I really need to spend some time trying to fix it. I think I need to start using a life line. I was just going to fudge it but I think this time I would be better off just ripping it out. I also want to finish something. Yes, I got that desire again. I am going to pull out the green vest again and try to finish it up. Time to focus on one thing instead of twenty.

I had xrays done on my back which was not fun. They made me stand in a position that just is not comfortable. I see the Dr on Thursday. This afternoon I will go see my spiritual friend Kathy Chandler for some insights on why I am having such an awful year. Hopefully she will shed some light on it all.

It looks like Sarah is going to the Stones concert after all. She has a friend with an extra ticket. Her Dad says you know this is a once in a lifetime occurence, you don't know how much longer they'll be alive. He even offered to pay for it. What a guy.. I want to go too! The concert has been sold out for some time.

I have started to clean out the craft room to paint it. What a job that is gonna be. I have too much stuff!!! It is bound to be great when it is finished though. I just need to decide on color now. I brought a ton of paint samples from Lowe's so now its play the color game.


margene said...

You must see the Stones! They are fabulous. If only we younger folks could have that much energy. Go buy a ticket!
You can pick up Leaf Lace on the purl side if you're careful. Then you won't need to rip it all out. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Hmmmm peaches, salsa and refried beans. Sounds yummy at your house. :)