Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Making a Yurt

My friend Kathy Caldwell is making her own Yurt. She used wool from her own sheep. She made the frame and some of the felt and then asked for help. So we got together for a camp out a few years ago. This was in Utah and I got to sleep in a Teepee, you can see it in the background. I ran with wolves that night. It was pretty cool.


Here is Kathy, Carole Miller and Judy Gunn taking turns at felting the rolled up piece


Here are Shirley Cyndi and Susan working on that felt. I know it does not look like they are doing anything but we were rolling it back and forth with our feet.


A felted panel hanging to dry.


Here is the panel as it will cover the Yurt frame. I wish I had pictures of the completed Yurt. I know we did not finish it that weekend but Kathy got a better idea on how to get it to work. It has been a lot of trial and error on her part. I need to find out if she has any pictures to share.

For more information on Yurts look here. Posted by Picasa


Kai said...

That's absolutely facinating..I wondered how Yurt's came to life :)
Thanks for a very informative posting..
PEace, Kai.

Nancy K. said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for commenting on my blog.

How on Earth did you make that huge panel of felt? It's beautiful!!

Is there any place I can see pictures of your Shetlands ???

Nancy ~ another Shetland Shepherdess

Sara said...

Cool! The yurts you camp appear to be just like mine, Pacific Yurts. The hand made one must be really nice, is it up year 'round or does she put it up and down with the seasons?