Thursday, September 07, 2006

Great Basin recap

Great Basin went really well. It was a fun festival, I met lots of new people and had a great time. I really did not take great pictures. So I suggest that you check out
and Susan's blogs for some great pictures. They were both in my dye class and it was a pleasure to meet them.

I did not sell a lot and I am sure that had to do with not being in the booth and having to raise my prices. I sent all the unsold fiber to Three Wishes so Kristine can now sell it. I came home with 2 treasures, a pair of Ebony needles from Carolina Homespun and a Monique from .Greensleeves spindles. It is the nicest spindle I have ever spun on. Its really light and spins forever. I am spinning some Optim Merino on it that I won at retreat. It is in beautiful ocen colors and spinning it is a dream. I tried posting a picture but blogger is being annoying and won't let me.

I have been burned out since the festival so I have not been doing much. I heard from my Dr that I do have herniated disk at l4 and L5. I will meet with a orthopedic surgeon to talk about treatment options. No wonder I am in so much pain all the time. Then that damn menopause has reared its ugly head this week too. I am supposed to go back to Salt Lake to see the Yarn Harlot herself tomorrow. I have been feeling so crappy I have been thinking about not going. I will make the final decision tomorrow.

I just recived the ATC cards from the Visual Journal swap I was in. Take a look!


That was a fun swap


margene said...

It was a fun class and a fun Festival. I too came home with a Monique;-)

altermyworld said...

Glad your cards arrived safely. It was a fun swap we should do it again sometimes.

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a good time. Welcome home. Sorry your back hurts so bad. My guy has a herniated fun at all.

The ATCs are great. I've been having fun watching everyone get their's and posting. I can't wait until the favorite movie swap!