Friday, March 31, 2006

Watercolor at last

I signed up to take Cathy Johnson's Online watercolor class. It started this week and it has taken me all week to get paint to paper. Our first exercizes are simple. Learning about our brushes and paints and doing simple washes. I loved doing the variegated washes. To see my humble beginnings you can check out my flickr site.

We head to Boise tomorrow for the Tartan Ceilidh. I am not sure what to expect but I think it will be a fun time. I won't be able to dance with my sore foot. I am planning on taking my sketchbook though. Maybe I will have time to draw, but at least I will get some good pictures to share next week. I am hoping to check out some art supply store along with some yarn shops too. The art supply stores are not that great here so I am hoping to find some items in Boise.

I bought some Faber Casteel Pitt artist pens on the net. I got them a few days ago. I love them, they have replaced my microns as my favorite pens. I wich there were more sizes but they write so well. Oh I found my waterbrush too which is good since I might have bought one in Boise. It was in the strangest place, in asmall ziploc bag with some of sarah's travel items from when we went to Scotland. The bag was stuck in a basket. No wonder I could not find it before. .... Dancing a happy dance.

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Thorn said...

Kate...hope you don't forget your Moleskin when you go to Boise..have a great time...thorn (aka Carrie)