Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Stove has arrived


My new present arrived today, not until 4 pm did the installer arrive though. Anyways she looks beautiful to me. I am putting the old one in the garage to use for dyeing.

After some inspiration last night from Violette I sat and made 37 of these creative play cards. They will be a gift for a friend. After doing these 1 x 3 cards the 4 x4 are going to seem huge.

It started when we had a downy woodpecker at our beed feeder. Birdwatching is something that I have always wanted to do. I have all these books that I bought years ago. I have this great Birders Journal made by The Nature Company and my last entries in it were in 1996. That's bad, it is time I started doing the things I have always wanted to do. Dave and I went up to Market Lake, a bird refuge not far from here. We managed to see quite a few birds. The migrating Snow Geese is what we came for and we saw plenty of them. I managed to identify a Northern Harrier, bufflehead, mallard, American Coot, Sandhill Crane, Ring billed Gull, Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail. It was quite the successful day. The next day we found a Swainson's hawk in the tree in the pasture. We looked at him through a scope and got a great close up view. I am excited to take on this new hobby.

I did this drawing for EDM challenge to draw a sign of spring. New birds on the feeder fit the bill I thought.


mw said...

I like your cards. When I was teaching I would used something similar with the kids to get them to respond to art. We called them "token response" cards and it was very helpful. I'm sure you will enjoy your cards.

melissa - here via edm

Malinda said...

Welcome to EDM! The birds are great!

artfan said...

I like your woodpecker. I can't even imagine doing such a delicate subject in charcol ( would have it all over the page) and you did it beautifully. Jean

Sioux said...

Hi, Kate. I love your cards and your downy. We are birders, and we went to the Texas coast in January, and I discovered we had not written in our book for over a year! My problem with my drawing is that I read about it more than doing it!

Love ya!

Linda said...

I like your bird drawing -- great first sign of spring!
And don't worry about the "drawing slump" (as you said) -- we all get them, but just have to keep plugging away. You're doing great!