Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Signs of Spring

I tried posting yesterday but blogger was having its problems. I wake up to snow every morning, not much but enough that I am really craving the sun

These flowers I received for a late birthday gift. They are so pretty.

flowers Posted by Picasa

I bought a cane and tried walking with it with not much success. It hurt my foot too much. So it was back to the crutches. Today I tried the boot again with the cane and I can do that ok. Foot hurts a lot but some progress is being made.

I tried weaving today and wow that felt great. Its been way too long. I can easily weave with just the right foot. Knitting still hurts my hands. It looks like my tendionitis is flaring up once more. I hate that. I want to be able to do everything and anything.

I am reading The Last Templar a new book in the Da Vinci code style but the premise is different. Its really just a thriller and I can see I will be staying up late finishing this one.

Sarah gets home from Boise this afternoon, she was attending the state championships for the Scholastic team. They placed fifth. She got information from University of Montana on orientation for next year. It is starting to get real that she really will be going off to college in September. I am trying to prepare myself but I know it is going to hard for me.

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Thorn said...

beautiful flowers, Kate! Happy belated! And congrats to Sarah, I know how you feel with the college thing...Dakota has been getting literature for the past year, and he won't graduate HS til NEXT June, I'm trying to talk him into staying local for the first year, just to make sure he's ready for college life...carrie